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Email newsletter about email newsletters

Direct, a B2B publication that covers the direct-marketing industry, has launched an email newsletter about the email newsletter business. In an article on the Direct website, editorial director Ray Schultz says the idea was born in an argument about appropriate story length for an electronic publication.
I got a kick out of that for several reasons. First, I remember having a similar conversation (I wouldn't call it an argument) with Ray and some of his staff when I was at PrimediaBusiness and online newsletters were still a novelty. Second, Ray says his recent argument -- in which he came to a new understanding of electronic journalism -- was with PrimediaBusiness' new media department. That "department" is really just a handful of folks guided by Prescott Shibles, who used to work for me. So I'm thrilled to see that Prescott is still fighting for quality work online.
FULL DISCLOSURE:  The newsletter and some related projects -- all of which will soon move to the "Chief Marketer" brand -- are being developed under the guidance of Hershel Sarbin, the former president of Ziff-Davis and former CEO of Cowles Business Media. I've consulted with Hershel on his work with PrimediaBusiness and hope to expand that relationship.