About this site

This is the website of Paul Conley. For more than 30 years he has served the business press, B2B companies and the occasional nonprofit as a journalist, content marketer, consultant, crisis communicator, executive, strategist and manager of creative teams.

He is renowned for creating "The Conley Index," a trademarked method of measuring content quality. Paul is a two-time keynote speaker at the National Convention of the American Society of Business Publication Editors, was named one of "25 Journalists to Watch in Content Marketing" and is the former Associate Director at the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). Paul is also an expert in Inbound Marketing, certified by Hubspot, and an Accounts-Based Marketing (ABM) master, certified by Flip My Funnel.

His vast professional experience includes working as an Editor at Bloomberg, Vice-President for Content and Editorial at Primedia, Producer at CNNMoney.com, and Senior Writer at Vance Publishing.

Paul is best known for his blog about B2B content, which launched in 2004, where he covered the rise of digital journalism and the emergence of content marketing as a profession. Today he writes most often about his Big Fish in a Small Pond approach to content differentiation and the need for B2B content creators to embrace the use of artificial intelligence tools.

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