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Billboard, blogs and iPods

VNU's Billboard magazine has decided to cover the digital-music industry through a blog. That may prove a wise move as sales of Apple's iPods continue to rise, and as people increasingly look beyond conventional media in the search for information.
But what's most interesting to me about the blog is that it won't be run by Billboard's editorial staff. But before anyone begins to panic that the blog will be some sort of advertorial hybrid that blurs the lines, take a look at this article. B2B magazine is reporting that my friend Rafat Ali, editor of paidcontent.org, will "direct" the blog, which is known as Billboard PostPlay.
Rafat is a quality journalist with considerable expertise, and his hire will certainly mean that VNU will get superb coverage of the industry.
Let's just hope this new assignment doesn't keep Rafat from updating paidcontent -- one of the most valuable sites in the B2B world.