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Your audience is your competitor

The folks at Columbia Journalism Review have done a great job in exposing the very strange thought process of yet another established journalist with an inability to understand the blogging phenomenon.
Take a look. It's a fun piece that points out the flaws in a particularly poor piece from MarketWatch about business and finance bloggers.

But more interesting than the critique is that the CJR writer predicts a boom in business- and B2B-journalism blogs. "... in the future, we will see far more bloggers actually breaking the news -- especially the business news. Many business bloggers are insiders with real, if sometimes biased, knowledge of companies and industries. Moreover, the democracy of the blogosphere gives voice to genuine experts, many of them in esoteric fields that receive little attention from the mainstream media. For the first time, these people have an opportunity to share their world with us, and that adds up to a better informed public."

Readers of this blog know that I've predicted the rise of a new group of standalone B2B journalists in posts such as this and this and this. So I'm thrilled to see that CJR's staff also sees a future where the line between news source and news provider is blurred.

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