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Update your blog, please

One of the more interesting things about blogging software is that it allows for instant publishing. Just a year ago or so, putting something out on the Web took at least a few minutes and required some moderately complex content-management software. Go back 10 years, and publishing required days, if not weeks, and you had to go through a person called a "publisher," who owned the equipment that printed content.
Now everything is so easy, so fast.
So you sort of have to wonder about those blogs that never seem to update.
The expophile blog, which covers trade shows, has an interesting post that points to one such offender. Take a look. Then check to see when was the last time your favorite blog was updated. For that matter, check to see when was the last time you updated your Web site.
(Note: Expophile posts anonymously. I'm not crazy about that in a medium that promotes conversation and transparency. I'm not a regular reader of Expophile, so it's possible that he/she has already given some compelling reason to hide -- perhaps a hostile boss. Regardless of that shortcoming, Expophile is worth looking at if you follow B2B trade shows. Although I think TSMI is a more interesting read.)

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