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Expertise and achievement on the Web

Prescott Shibles, the smartest guy who ever worked for me, has joined the blogosphere.
Prescott, who is the electronic-media guru at Primedia Business, promises to write about "strategy and tactics for creating compelling online products and attracting qualified audiences." That should be of interest to anyone in B2B publishing -- especially those who don't think they need to think about electronic media.
After you've spent some time with Prescott thinking about what you should do online, take a look at some of the more interesting things that have been done online. J-Lab, the institute for interactive journalism, has announced the five finalists for its Batten awards for innovations in journalism.
It shouldn't be a surprise that Adrian Holovaty, lead developer for my favorite newspaper site, is on the list (albeit for a different project.) Nor should anyone be shocked that my second favorite newspaper site is also on the list.

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