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Non-suggested reading

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could read the piece in the New Yorker criticizing citizen journalism. It's written by Nick Lemann, dean of Columbia University's Journalism school.
But I can't recommend it. There's nothing in it that you haven't seen before.
Instead, I'd suggest that you read Andrew Cline's piece about Lemann's article. Andrew does a great job of dissecting the rhetorical devices in Lemann's piece and how they add up to arrogance.
I'd also suggest that you read what Rebecca Mackinnon says about Lemann's article. She unveils the personal dispute that lurks in the background of Lemann's essay.
And I'd urge you to take a look  what Jay Rosen, who works at New York University -- about 100 blocks south and a world away from Lemann -- has to say. No one -- no one -- thinks more clearly than Jay about where citizen journalism came from and where it may be heading.

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