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Layoffs at CXO diminsh all of B2B publishing

Now this is discouraging news.
Some 10% of the staff at CXO Media have been laid off, according to Folio magazine.
Layoffs are always bad news. But CXO is the parent of CMO magazine -- which may be the best publication in B2B. I love CMO. And I'm not alone;  the magazine has been a big winner in B2B journalism awards this year.
CXO is also the parent of CIO, a magazine I adore nearly as much as CMO.
And CSO, winner of three Neal Awards from ABM this year, is also a CXO property.
So I'm left more broken-hearted by these job losses than I would be by almost any other layoffs anywhere in B2B journalism. For the lesson here is unpleasant -- excellence doesn't protect us.
Granted, CXO says the job cuts are part of restructuring aimed at refocusing on growth areas -- including online. And I tend to agree with strategies that emphasize online over print. Also, Folio says editorial jobs "remain largely untouched" by the layoffs. And that's certainly good news. But other folks on the creative side, including people in the art department, have lost their jobs. I would imagine that every one of these people is talented. CXO's products are lovely, remarkable and extraordinary. And I would imagine that each of them will find new jobs soon.
But that doesn't lessen the loss to our industry. I fear we may be losing something rare and inspirational.

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