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Joining the Corante Network

I got an email a few weeks ago from Hylton Jolliffe, founder of Corante. Hylton asked if I would be interested in joining Corante's network of media blogs. I took a look at the proposal, and agreed to sign on.
Thus, on the right-hand column of my site, you'll see a new graphic that points to Corante's Media Hub.
Becoming part of Corante's network means that my blog posts will be aggregated along with those of some folks that I greatly admire -- including Tim Porter and Mark Hamilton.
But joining Corante doesn't mean that I'll be making any money. I decided to pass on Corante's advertising services. In fact, part of the reason I like Corante so much is that they give their contributors the option to remain advertising-free.
At some point in the future I may rethink my position about advertising on this site. But for now, I want to leave things as they are.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, but not a regular reader of Corante, take a look at some of the other folks who blog about media.
If you're a Corante reader who is new to this blog -- welcome! This is a site about business-to-business media: a specialized world of magazines, newsletters and electronic products. We talk about many of the same things that interest the rest of the media world, albeit with a different perspective. You'll find posts and comments about the shift to online publishing and the shift to whatever happens next. I think a lot about journalism education, convergence and media ethics. I like to write about writing and report on reporting. I consider what makes an online product compelling and what makes a reporter valuable. I spend a fair amount of time discussing the rise of conversational editorial. And I continue to predict a new era of entrepreneurial journalism.
Take a look around. Read. Comment. Learn. Teach. Participate.

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