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Endings and beginnings

More than two decades ago I took my first job in B2B media, working as an editor for Traffic World magazine. And I was delighted to find that the weekly magazine didn't publish between Christmas and New Year's Day.
To a guy from the newspaper world, this was quite a surprise. I had an extra week of vacation!
Even today, lots of B2B publishers close down during the holidays. Mostly this is because there are just not enough readers at this time of year to justify publishing. But there's also a sense that B2B publishing -- where the staff is often tiny and the business is often family-owed -- is just a wee bit more worker-friendly than the rest of the media world.
Nowadays I work for myself. I can take vacations whenever I please. So I'm going to keep the B2B media tradition. I won't publish this blog next week.

The other year-end tradition in publishing is to make predictions about next year. Folio magazine asked a slew of folks, including me, what 2006 would hold. You can see the predictions here.
And when you're done thinking about next year, give some thought to what was good about 2005. The deadline is near for nominations for one of the most important awards in B2B journalism. If you were fortunate enough to work with someone in 2005 worth considering for the Timothy White Award for Editorial Integrity, let ABM know.
The deadline is also approaching for the Awards of Excellence. Make sure ASBPE knows about the best work that you did in 2005.

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