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Can you Digg it? Hugo starts a new site for B2B

Digg is among the more interesting experiments in community journalism. If you aren't familiar with it, you should be. In brief, Digg is sort of new version of Slashdot, the online community pioneer. As remarkable as Slashdot was and is, Digg took things a little further by allowing readers to "rank" the importance of stories. Suddenly there was a news site where the "front page" was selected by readers, rather than by editors (like every publication you've ever seen) or algorithms (like Google News.)
Spinoffs emerged quickly. The most popular of those is probably Hugg, a Digg-like site about the environmental movement.

Now my friend and fellow B2B blogger Hugo Martin as created a Digg-like site about B2B media. Check it out. Read the stories. Submit new stories that you find interesting. Vote for the things you like. Share. Participate. Enjoy.

It's worth noting that AOL this week relaunched the Netscape site in Digg style. Check out Rex's thoughts on the change here.
For some of my ideas on building community online, see this earlier post.

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