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Best of the Web

I was happy to find that WardsAuto.com had won the Best of the Web award for premium sites from min magazine.  The revamp of the Wards properties a few years ago nearly killed some of the most talented people on my team at Primedia Business. It's good to know the work paid off. (Disclaimer: I still hate the look of the public version of WardsAuto with its strange spacing, unnecessary time coding and bland colors -- all the result of the in-house content management system I've complained about before.)
And I'm thrilled that WardsAuto beat out Variety.com. Regular readers of this blog know I can't stand that property.
One of the winners of min's Editorial Excellence award is VNU's NationalJewler.com.  Please take a look at the writing on this site. It's clean, crisp, news-oriented and free of cliches. It's simply lovely.
For the full list of min's winners, click here.
And while you're at it, bookmark this B2B site from one of min's creators.