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Neal Award finalists

American Business Media has released the list of finalists for this year's Neal Awards. IDG picked up the most nominations -- 10. VNU Business received nine. My former employer, Primedia Business, is in a three-way tie for fourth place with six finalists.
I'm particularly pleased to see Registered Rep magazine get a nod for Best Single Issue of a magazine. I was at Primedia when Geoff Lewis overhauled that book from top to bottom. He and his staff created a top-tier publication from an embarrassing, albeit profitable, magazine aimed at the low end of the investment sales business.
I'm shocked to see that Variety is a finalist for Best Web Site. Doesn't anyone at ABM ever visit that site? It's a mess of cluttered design and poor taxonomy. And it crashes more than any other B2B site I visit. If you're working on a Web site, ignore Variety and take a look at the Eyetrack study.
Check out the full list of Neal Award finalists here.