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B2B moguls gather in Arizona

Folio magazine is publishing a daily newsletter from the ABM Spring Meeting in Arizona, where various bigwigs of the B2B world gather each year to cavort, golf, merge, acquire and generally do the things that bigwigs do. The Spring Meeting is an event as much as it is a meeting. Think of it as the biggest thing of the year for the smaller media moguls who don't get invited to Herb Allen's shindig in Sun Valley.

I'm not in Arizona today. I'm at home in Brooklyn. I'd given some thought to heading west to enjoy the meeting festivities, but I'm tied to the home front these days. My first child is due to arrive in just a few weeks! So I'm too nervous to wander far.

Remarkably, my absence from the ABM meeting is not mentioned in Folio's article entitled "Who's attending, and who's not," which makes note of the "notable exceptions" on the attendee list. I'm sure that Folio regrets the error.

Despite that grievous ommission, you may want to read the article and the rest of the newsletter, which is available in an electronic version here. There are some worthwhile items, including a look at vertical search and Penton's stock maneuvers.

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