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Running late ...

I've finished my annual college tour, in which I spend several weeks visiting universities and journalism-education events. It was, as always, both illuminating and fun. I've already published some preliminary thoughts on the state of journalism education. I'll share more about the next generation of journalists within a few days.

In the meantime, I'm scrambling to catch up on my paying gigs. And perhaps more importantly, I'm scrambling to digest some of the recent news in the world of B2B media.

The top development during my hiatus was the annual Neal Awards from American Business Media. CSO took home the Grand Neal Award this year for its work on "Red Gold Rush," an article that linked rising demand for copper in China to a surge in copper theft here in the U.S.
CSO is published by CXO/IDG. And longtime readers of this blog know that IDG is a client of mine, as well as one of my all-time favorite B2B companies.
Another IDG product, Computerworld, picked up three Neal awards, including best web site.
And as I noted a few weeks ago, it was IDG's Harry McCracken who won this year's Timothy White Award for editorial integrity from ABM.
So I want to offer my belated congratulations to all the folks at IDG.
You can read coverage of this year's awards here and here.

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