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Redesigns for photographer site, finance pub

If my memory serves me correctly, back when I was at CNNfn.com in the early days of the Web, we did our redesigns on Sundays. Since that was the day we had the fewest visitors, we had a cushion should something go wrong, and we could get things fixed by Monday morning.
Perhaps relaunching a site nowadays isn't as risky.
Because in the middle of the business day yesterday, VNU Business announced it had redesigned PDNOnline, a Web publication for professional photographers and buyers. I like the new look -- it's crisp and clean and plays up the photos. Take a look.
After you're done with that site, see if you can find a copy of this week's issue of "The Deal," the B2B publication that serves the mergers and acquisitions world. The paid-subscription weekly has changed its look and moved its columns to the front of the publication.