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A really simple project for the long weekend

Here in the USA, tonight marks the start of the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Most businesses will be closed until Tuesday. I'll be spending part of the long weekend doing long-weekend things -- cooking, exercising, being with family, napping and going to the movies. Unfortunately I'll also be doing the most long-weekend thing of all -- catching up on work.
Before you take a look at your own to-do list, allow me to make a suggestion.
If you haven't already learned to use RSS, then you're already way behind many of your peers. Take time this weekend to learn the system that will make it possible for you to once again keep track of the news and information you need to do your job.
It's easy to do. I promise. There's a reason why they call this stuff really simple syndication.
If you've followed my earlier suggestion to download the Firefox browser, then learning RSS is going to be really, really simple. Firefox has RSS-reading capability already built into a feature called Live Bookmarks.
For a fun look at these subjects, check out this piece in the Chicago Sun-Times.