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Reading for a long weekend

I, like a good portion of the country, am trying to finish off a few projects today so I can begin the long holiday weekend.
I won't be posting to this blog until sometime next week, unless something truly remarkable happens in the world of B2B.
But if you're the type who will spend this weekend reading on the computer rather than reading by the beach, allow me to share some of the blogs that I've recently added to my newsreader.

Longtime readers of this blog know I'm still in mourning over the closure of CMO Magazine. If you shared my love of that publication, you may want to follow the work of Rob O'Regan, founding Editor in Chief of CMO. Check out his blog, called Magnosticism.

I spent a good portion of this summer waging a battle against the use of annoying and unethical ads in the world of B2B publishing.  Now Ryan Block, editor in chief of Engadget, one of my favorite online-only publications, has taken up the fight. You can read his open letter to the industry here, and check out the rest of his blog here.

Just last week I wrote at length about the rise of content marketing. And I get the feeling I'll be writing more about this subject soon. There are opportunities here for B2B. But there are challenges too. If you want to follow this  trend, check out the Junta42 Blog.

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