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Poor circulation

I try to avoid being snide in this blog. I don't like the jaded tone that I find in much of journalism. And if there is a shortcoming in the blogsphere, it is that this medium seems even more enchanted than the rest of the press with wise-ass cynicism.
So I hope this post doesn't come across as obnoxious.
I've received two invitations this week to the Xtreme Circulation conference sponsored by Circulation Management magazine. And both of them were addressed incorrectly. One was sent to Paul Conley, Editor, Bloomberg. That's an understandable mistake. I was once an editor at Bloomberg News. But the second was sent to Circulation Director, Bloomberg -- a title I have never held.
This sort of thing cannot be good for the Circulation Management brand. These are the guys who are supposed to be the experts on list management and related issues. But their own mailing list has at least one duplicate. And it leaves me wondering if CM has any Bloomberg circulation folks on their list.
Regardless, you may want to check out the conference on June 16-17 in New York City. A number of B2B bigwigs will be speaking, including circulation gurus for Reed Business, CMP Media and the company with the coolest name in the industry -- Blood-Horse Publishing.