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NXTBook vs. repurposing content

In a post yesterday, I implied that I liked they way NXTBook makes offline content available in an online format. A reader of this blog wrote to ask why I, of all people, would say anything positive about such a system, given that I have previously spoken about the need to repurpose content for the Web, and that I have bad-mouthed other pdf-like attempts to put paper products on the Web.
Point taken.
As a general rule, I don't like the glorified versions of pdf files that publishers place on line. In particular, I've voiced disappointment at the efforts of my alma mater to create an electronic newspaper.
So let me clarify.
Creating content for an electronic medium provides innumerable opportunities to do things that simply cannot be done in a print product. And any industrious and talented journalist should take advantage of that. For a recent example of how to tell a story on the Web, check out this post by journalism teacher and fellow blogger Doug Fisher. For a look at how to write for the Web, read this piece by Jonathan Dube.
As for NXTBook, the simple truth is that I find the product kind of cool. It is not a substitute for multimedia content. But it is fun to play with.