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New sites for marketers

The woman I love works in the marketing business. And I'm amazed by the amount of B2B material that is aimed at her and her peers. It seems to me that no one receives more attention from B2B publishers than the people who try to get the goods on the shelf.
And now there are two new information sources for marketing executives.
Chief Marketer, a Primedia property, has redesigned its site and added two email newsletters. I'll admit to some disappointment with Chief Marketer. As of today, the site doesn't work properly in the Firefox browser. (Not optimizing for Firefox is a bad idea, as reported here in yet-another site for the marketing business.) Here's how the lead story looks to me in Firefox: "If you�re trying to buy television airtime in the �upfront� sales market this month, you could be in luck. Media buyers at a New York conference predicted that a weak �scatter� market combined with the uncertain economy and mounting pressure among marketers to move ad dollars online"
Also debuting today is VNU's new site about the marketing craze of product placement and other forms of branded entertainment. I'm trilled to note that insidebrandedentertainment.com has a section dedicated to external links. And I'm pleased that it works in both my browsers.