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The new ASME guidelines

As discussed yesterday, ASME has released its new set of editorial guidelines.
I've taken a quick look through them, and I like what I see.
Among the notable items are:
-- Clear rules on the inappropriateness of running ads on the cover of a magazine: "The front cover and spine are editorial space. Companies and products should appear on covers only in an editorial context and not in a way that suggests advertisement. (This includes use of cover “stickers.”)
-- Clear rules banning product placement and product guides: "Advertisers should not pay to place their products in editorial pages nor should they demand placement in return for advertising. Editorial pages may display and credit products and tell readers where to buy them, as long as those pages are solely under editorial control."
Thanks to everyone at ASME for their work on this!
Folio magazine has posted a pdf of the guidelines.  Learn them. Live by them.

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