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Me, Folio and the cross-platform editor

I'm back from my trip to Chicago, trying to catch up with life, work and family. And among the things I did today was to go through the mail that had piled up on my desk in my absence. And lo and behold I find that the most recent issue of Folio has arrived, and that I'm quoted in an article about "The Cross Platform Editor."
Take a look at the Folio article. It's a pretty comprehensive take on what editors must do to work in new media. And I was thrilled to see that writer Bill Mickey cited my two favorite how-can-I-learn-to-do-that sites -- j-learning.org (which is free) and Lynda.com (which is inexpensive.)
Even more fun for me is that the article refers to an "infamous blog entry" I did earlier this year on the subject. (That post, titled "Improving your publication through murder" can be found here.)

But don't spend too much time on any of the above. There's something far more important in the August issue of Folio -- the annual salary survey. Take a look and decide if it's time to ask the boss for a raise.

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