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A look at Red 7's past and future

There's a feature story in the Fairfield County Business Journal about Kerry Smith, founder of Red 7 Media -- the company that runs Folio magazine. The article is actually pretty lame. But that's often true of the editorial in regional business publications. I often get the feeling that the folks who run such publications are torn between acting like journalists and acting like the Chamber of Commerce.
If you've paid any attention to Kerry's career -- his time as an entrepreneur, his battles with management at Primedia, and his return to his own business -- then you know his story is a lot more interesting that this article would make it appear.
But read it anyway. There's some interesting information about Smith's plan to exert some control over controlled circulation and limit subscribers to 10,000. "Our philosophy is that since we're in niche segments, we want to make sure we're reaching the cream of the crop in terms of readers. We've tightly defined who our audience is," Smith said.
Even more interesting is the information ... albeit limited ... on Smith's next venture. Event Design magazine is set to debut in October.