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Layoffs at IDG

I'm hearing word that there have been a number of layoffs today at IDG.
I don't have an exact number. Nor do I have any official confirmation from the company.
But what I'm hearing is that number of folks being cut is substantial.
And I'm hearing that many of the folks being let go are multimedia journalists, not just old-time print folks.
Even more disconcerting is that some of the bigger names in B2B journalism are said to be among those let go. Although I have not confirmed this yet, I'm told that one of discharged journalists is  Don Tennant, a winner of the Timothy White award for editorial integrity.

Although I remain convinced that the worst is over in B2B, there can be no doubt that it will be a long time before things have stabilized.

(Update: Folio confirms the layoffs, saying 8 percent of IDG staff was let go.)