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Kansas City's role in trade magazine history

I work from my home in Brooklyn. But years ago I worked in the suburbs of Kansas City for Vance Publishing. And there was much I loved about that life. The commute was easy. The folks I met were friendlier. And, although it bothers many of my fellow B2B journalists in New York when I say it -- my coworkers were generally of a higher caliber than can be found elsewhere.
I've written before about why I think Kansas City is one of the best possible places in the U.S. to practice trade journalism.
Now the Kansas City Star has published an interesting piece on the history of trade publishing in that city. It's worth a read, and I'd urge folks to take the time to see how our game became so big in the Midwest.
Also take a look at fellow B2B blogger David Shaw's take on the cities of B2B.

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