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Journalism students as B2B competitors

I've written here recently about the competitive threat to traditional B2B publishers posed by both readers and staff. In an era when Web publishing means that everyone can buy ink by the barrel, the barriers to entry have disappeared. Any source, any reporter, any person with enough knowledge about the industry you cover is now in a position to cut your market share.
Now this isn't exactly what I was talking about...but it's worth a look.
Students at New York University's journalism program are being asked to cover business news by blogging. There are beats in public relations, finance, health care and other industries.
None of what I've seen there is extraordinarily interesting, but that's not the point.
Rather, I would urge folks in traditional B2B publishing to consider the ease with which these students have become new B2B publishers.
For more information on the project, check out this article by a teacher at NYU, Adam Penenberg.

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