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Getting rich in B2B

In our little corner of the journalism world, no one has had more success than Pat McGovern. And no one in any corner of journalism has been more modest about it.  Media moguls are noted for boorish, piggish, spotlight-grabbing behaviors. But McGovern, founder and chief executive officer of IDG, has a reputation not only for brilliance, but for modesty. (Click here and scroll down the page for a little about his reclusive nature.)
So when I heard that McGovern won the Henry Johnson Fisher award from the Magazine Publishers of America,  I applauded.
The Philadelphia-born McGovern has built a $2 billion fortune in trade journalism. And he's produced some of the most influential titles in the game.
So where does billionaire McGovern suggest that mere thousandaire journalists such as us look for wealth and prestige? Overseas.