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Are they paying you enough?

Folio magazine has published the results of its editorial management salary survey.
Take a look. It's hard to push your boss for a pay raise when you don't know what your competitors make. (It can also be hard to keep from punching someone when you find out how much they pay your supervisor...so try to exercise some restraint.)
Among the findings: the mean salary for editorial directors in consumer magazines is $97,000, and the highest salary for that job title was $250,000. Editorial directors in the B2B world didn't fare as well. The mean was $85,900 (about the same as a tow boat captain in Florida, according to this game at People magazine), while the top reported salary was $160,000.
On the other hand, editors and executive editors do better in trade publishing than in the consumer press -- $67,500 vs. 65,600. (Association publishing tops this category at $73,400.)
So how can you boost your salary?
Try getting a haircut or a nose job.

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