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Not this Paul Conley guy again

Not this Paul Conley guy again

I'm Paul Conley. I write. I often write about B2B content. Way back in 2004, I launched a blog about exactly that subject. It did pretty well, and I found myself strangely famous in some interesting niches. Before I knew it, I was giving speeches about B2B journalism, writing columns for magazines about B2B content marketing, and running a small consulting company that offered B2B editorial services.

Blogs are like that. They lead to surprises.

A few years ago I cut back dramatically on blogging. I didn't think I had the time anymore. I had launched another line of business (crisis communications for nonprofits), taken on a fulltime B2B content role, and my personal life had become very busy (I'm a single Dad). So I backed away from blogging. I thought I was done with this style of writing. But as months and months passed I found myself missing the blogging world. Eventually, I couldn't stay away any longer.

Bloggers are like that. We sometimes surprise ourselves.

So I'm back. I moved the old blog to this new platform and I'm going to dive back in.

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