Paul Conley serves as a consultant to publishers, brands and nonprofits: driving quantifiable results in content (pageviews, newsletter open rates, click-throughs, output per writer, social-media performance, user engagement, etc.)

Notable accomplishments at his latest engagements include:
— Cutting editorial costs by an average of 12% across two-dozen brands
— Increasing engagement by 75% at multiple Web properties
— Adding 500,000 pageviews at three sites in less than four months
— Developing and launching a multimillion-dollar data product aimed at Wall Street
— Serving as creative and business lead on the launch of dozens of new Web sites, email newsletters and mobile products

• Specialize in transitioning publishers to a Web-first model.
• Craft strategic plans to develop new online products and revamp existing brands.
• Develop and manage content-marketing efforts and online marketing campaigns.
• Offer tactics for boosting readership and revenue for existing products.
• Share expertise on search-engine optimization and content-management systems.
• Use analytics and A/B testing of content to drive pageview growth.
• Mentor journalists and executives on Web-first workflow, social media, feedback functions, user-generated content, RSS feeds and distributed workforces.
• Work on project basis as editor of electronic products.

What do people say about Paul Conley?

“I have worked with Paul Conley extensively over the past 2 years as we’ve implemented a web-first publishing strategy. His work has been the basis of significant workflow and personnel changes that has transformed our value to customers – information end-users and marketers alike. Paul is expert in journalism and the business of online media, and is extremely adept at quickly understanding issues and opportunities, and recommending profitable solutions and strategies…”

“Paul’s deep understanding of the B2B publishing industry and the online medium were of great help while we were entering the US market…”

“Media expert Paul Conley was active on Twitter back when the only other users were Lower East Side hipsters using it to find dance parties…”

““Paul helped me understand important new opportunities and provided great insight into our B2B publishing dilemmas…”

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